Recieved Excellent Service

I received excellent service from my sales rep, Pierre-Luc Bergeron, from the test drive all the way to delivery! He even sent me pictures of my future vehicle when it arrived on the 28th of December at night when I was on vacation! Available, sympathetic, and respectful, he contributed in improving the perception of vehicle sales reps (I have visited dealerships before making my choice and too often I felt like a rabbit being observed by wolves. I received a great price for my Mazda6 and the good service went all the way to Theirry in credit. 

Other customers satisfied

Very Good Advice, Good Availability
Hello, I just received my new Mazda CX-5 last night; February 16th, 2018. I am very happy with my purchase and the quality of the vehicle. My customer experience with Pierre-Luc Bergeron was very pleasant. He gives good advice, availabilities, a warm welcoming, and is very professional. The...
Excellent Service
Excellent service, fast and efficient. The proof, I'm now owner of a beautiful Mazda3. Mr. Dominic Gendreau was courteous and respectful of our criteria. Thanks to Emilie Patoine also! Great team
Very Nice Experience
Excellent service from the salesman Pierre-Luc Bergeron, from the test drive to delivery! He even sent me pictures of my future car as soon as it arrived on the evening of December 28th while I was on vacation! Friendly and respectful, he helped me to improve the perception that I have of car...